The here shown scenery sheets were published in the second half of the 19th century. The originals are stencil-coloured lithographs. Scholz employed in 1840 around 350 people just for colourising the sheets. The designers are unknown apart from Carl Beyer and H. J. Müller.

Nr. 8 Bourgeois Room, Background


Nr. 8a Bourgeois Room, Wings


Nr. 20 Garden Room, Background


Nr. 20a Garden Room, Wings


Nr. 29 Castle in a Forest, Background


Nr. 29a Castle in a Forest, Wings


Nr. 32 Mountaineous Landscape, Background


Nr. 32a Mountaineous Landscape, Wings


A - Park, Background

Scholz Park Hintergrund


a - Park, Wings

Scholz Park Kulissen


B - Forest, Background


b - Forest, Wings


B.1. - Tropical Forest , Background

Tropischer Wald Hintergrund


b.1. - Tropical Forest , Wings

Tropischer Wald Kulissen

F - Poor Room , Background


f - Poor Room , Wings


G - Wolf's Glen, Background


g - Wolf's Glen, Wings


H - Garden, Background


h - Garden, Wings


H.2. - Fairground, Background


h.2. - Fairground, Wings


N - Throne Room , Background


n - Throne Room , Wings


P - Village , Background


p - Village, Wings


Q - Churchyard, Background


q - Churchyard, Wings


U - Castle Courtyard , Background


u - Castle Courtyard , Wings


W - Salon anglais, Background


w - Salon anglais, Wings


X - Hut in the Forest, Background


x - Hut in the Forest, Wings