Benno Mitschka and Christine Schenk
Augsburger Str. 48
86415 Mering (Germany)
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Passion for toy theatres

Long before the birth of our children more than 3 years ago we spend a lot of thoughts on their education. How should they grow up? What books are suitable? What toys are good for learning? One thing was clear from the beginning: we have to get rid of our telly, our home has to be a telly-free zone. But what do we have instead? After some research we discovered toy theatres. We immediately fell in love with these little gems of the 19th century. Our first theatre was quickly built. The first premiere was "Little Red Riding Hood" with sceneries and figures by J.F. Schreiber. The audience reaction at the premiere was promising. Our boys were immersed in the story and wanted to watch it all over again form the very beginning. By now they are already experts in toy theatres. Other parents shared our enthusiasm for toy theatres as an alternative for television. The next step was already to set up a company which should cover almost everything around toy theatres...